IMG_0069Raised on the Oregon Coast, Chris Malone is a professional nature and landscape photographer, and digital artist, based in Coos Bay, Oregon which is located along the southern coast, and part of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

“I grew up on the Oregon coast and have lived there for most of my life. I am also a U.S. Army and Gulf War veteran and proud to have served my country. I’m the father of four children and I’m married to a wonderful woman that makes me happy to wake up to each morning.”

Chris Malone Photography has won numerous awards, ribbons and mentions within the Oregon Coast Photographers Association group, the Coos County Fair, the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs, and the Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest. I’ve had my work on display at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, Oregon, The Pony Village Mall in North Bend, Oregon, and at several local bay area businesses.

My interest in photography dates back to my childhood, and as a teenager during the 80’s Heavy Metal music scene I helped a high school friend photograph concerts and events with metal bands of the era. As a young adult in the U.S. Army, I had to retreat some from photography due to the costs of developing film and raising a young family, but in the late ’90’s I rekindled my passion for photography with digital point-n-shoot cameras.

One of my main childhood interests has always been aviation, and a love of flying. In 2009, a friend let me borrow a DSLR for a trip to an air show. I had always hoped to one day be able to break the bonds of a point-n-shoot and reach out and capture those beautiful aircraft up close, and I did just that! The photos I took that day of the USAF Thunderbirds brought tears to my eyes with joy, which led to my first Nikon DSLR purchase. My story continues from there with that passion growing very serious in 2010 when I joined a social photography club in hopes to expand my knowledge and network with other like minded photographers.

Chris Malone - Oregon International Airshow 2012- 014

I love learning about photography and love to be outdoors with my camera. I am also a huge sci-fi, computer, gaming, and music geek, and I love military history and just about anything to do with aviation and things that fly!

I have been a member of the Oregon Coast Photographer’s Association or “OCPA”, and have sat on the board of directors and performed the duties of both Secretary and President. Being in a social camera club like the OCPA has been a wonderful experience for me, and I recommend every photographer find a group or club to get involved with. The collective experience of the group is an invaluable tool and repository of knowledge for any photographer to learn from.

I am married to a wonderful lady and she is my best friend and my adventure buddy.. she has a wonderful photographic eye for composition and helps to inspire me. I have four awesome children all gifted in some way with art, music, humor, but most importantly they fill my life and heart with love. I served my country as a helicopter mechanic and crewchief on flight status in the U.S. Army (67N1F) on active duty, and later with the Oregon Army National Guard, I am also a veteran of the first Gulf War and I served with the 4th Platoon of the 498th Medical Company. (Air Ambulance) which was part of the 44th Medical Brigade and the 18th Airborne Corp. Our mission was medical evacuation and support of allied coalition troops and rendering aid to enemy POW’s.


Living in the Pacific Northwest and on the Oregon Coast is a true blessing for any photographer. It affords an almost endless variety of shooting locations and subject matter. I enjoy my surroundings and I love to get outdoors and explore new locations as well as revisit familiar ones in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I can often be seen out with my wife or fellow photographers during my free time with camera in hand, I would love for you to say hi if you see me!


All photos, © Chris Malone Photography, all rights reserved.