I’m On A Boat!

Recently I was treated to a couple of boat rides in Lakeside, Oregon on Ten Mile Lake. We took one trip out in the evening which gave me some really interesting shots of the sun filtered through the atmospheric smoke caused by numerous forest fires in our part of the state. A second trip was made in the morning which was filled with lots of beautiful wildlife. Taking photos from a boat gave me a completely different perspective and offered me a new platform to shoot from and a unique or different view from the norm. It felt like around every turn there was a new experience and new subject matter to point my camera at. Please enjoy this collection of images from my newest adventure.

The atmospheric smoke caused by several forest fires in our part of the state created an orange filter to see the sun through. As the sun started to set, the filter became even thicker offering a great view of the sun and its massive sun spots.

It doesn’t matter if your looking for relaxation or looking for some action, both can be found around the lake. The channel between north and south lake was calm and serene, while the slalom course gave skiers a challenge.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-169-Edit-2

This Osprey captured its evening meal, looks like perch is on the menu.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-206-Edit-2

This little girlĀ  poked through the trees to see what the noise was, the watchers being watched.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-215-Edit

This female Green Heron glides across the lake silently.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-228-Edit

I was happy to be in the right place at the right time, just as a group of Canadian Geese were taking flight.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-273-Edit

This Eurasian Collard Dove gets a drink of water along the shoreline.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-531-Edit

Sunlake Marina seemed to be a favorite breeding ground for the frogs, they were literally hopping everywhere.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-388-Edit

This beautiful Egret seemed to know I had camera in hand as my lens was greeted with a very majestic formal pose.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-382-Edit

This Osprey was hunting near me.. or was it hunting me!?

Lakeside Camping - 0019-352-Edit

I love the color schemes and patterns that decorate Blue Herons, they are a beautiful bird.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-300-Edit

The Green Heron is smaller than its Blue cousin, but it’s no less beautiful.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-335-Edit

This Blue Teal Duck swam next to the boat, and didn’t seem to be bothered by us.

Lakeside Camping - 0019-563-Edit

Train trestles are so beautiful with a Pacific Northwest woodland back ground.

And these would be the other uses for a train trestle!

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  1. Daniel Dinkins says:

    Incredible pictures the sun will be a reminder for years of the fire tragedy in Oregon. But my favorite is the Canadian geese. Being raised going to central Oregon bird hunting just the sound or the flights in V formation bring back many memories thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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