Circles and The Sunset

Bandon, Oregon located along the southern Oregon Coast offers much to a landscape photographer. Located downtown, Old Town Bandon provides visitors with dining, snacks, and pubs. There is a bakery, a candy store, unique gift and toy shops, and even an award winning cheese factory. Adjacent to Old Town is a marina and boardwalk decorated with marine themed sculptures and a view of the Coquille River and its lighthouse. As a photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of walking around Bandon taking in the sights and letting my camera guide me numerous times. As a boy growing up on the Oregon Coast I loved visiting Bandon with my mother, she loved the atmosphere of the small coastal town and now as an adult, I am still lured there by its charm and charisma.

The beach in Bandon long runs parallel with the city and down the coastline. There are numerous rock formations decorating the beach which give endless combinations of composition. I’ve never seen a sunset there that was the same, each one is an individual like a fingerprint, and each one beautiful in its own way. If your lucky enough to be on the beach during a weekend at low tide you’ll also be treated to another one of the beaches attractions know as, Circles in The Sand, created by labyrinth artist Denny Dyke and his volunteer group that groom the labyrinths after being drawn.

March 25 2017 - 100 - Bandon Beach Shoot-Edit
Denny takes one last trip through the labyrinth for the evening.
March 25 2017 - 064 - Bandon Beach Shoot-Edit
Looking over the labyrinth at Face Rock.

Denny has been creating labyrinths in Bandon since 2015 and you’re in for a treat if you can make it to any of the events. Here is a link to the groups website which has a schedule and more information about the group.  “Circles in The Sand” I’ve put together a gallery of images taken in April, 2017 which depict visitors making their  way through the labyrinth in a sort of ghostly manner. From start to finish, some travel to experience a labyrinth for the first time, while others make their path in hopes of enlightenment or healing.

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Another treat at the beach are the sunsets, some of the most beautiful I’ve seen or photographed. This particular evening which was after the Circles in The Sand event, really wasn’t the most colorful or dramatic, but the mood and lighting provided yet again a wonderful sunset and experience. I met up with fellow photographer and friend Steven Michael on the beach that night, which always is more fun to share the evening with a friend. Here is a gallery of images I took that night, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. All photos © 2017 Chris Malone Photography.

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    Very beautiful.

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